Jesus, the Carpenter's SonChristian Bronze has sought to create a website where the wonderful fine art sculptures of the Savior can be found.   We have sought to include inspirational Biblical sculptures, from both the Old Testament, and New Testament.  We have gathered together an incredibly talented group of religious artists who have sought to portray important parts of the Savior’s life which inspire us, and cause us to reflect.  Also shown on the website are those inspired leaders or followers who have sought to take His message to the world.  It is our intention to grow over time to show many inspired leaders from many denominations, who each have sought to take the message to the world.   We honor each of these faithful disciples of Christ.

These beautiful religious sculptures can inspire and motivate us in a variety of settings – from a small home bronze figurine, a mid-size garden ornament or life-size garden statue where a person of faith seeks inspiration through the medium of art.  Each beautifully crafted piece can serve as a gentle reminder of our Savior’s love for us.  You can enjoy the healing spirit of Jesus Christ through these Christian sculptures, as art has the potential to help heal our souls, inspire our hearts and awaken our minds.

And lastly we want to add our testimony to the many who have gone before us, that our Savior does live, and that His glorious message is of vital importance to the world today.  He is the Savior and Redeemer of the world.