Edition of 100

H 6″ x W 4.5″ x D 4″

Price: $5,200

Artist: Angela Johnson

It is a wonder to me that I actually had the courage to portray this scene.  How can you depict infinite suffering, was the question I asked myself repeatedly.

As I tried to contemplate pain so severe that it made Jesus bleed at every pore, it caused significant artistic and personal pain.  As incomprehensible pain lashes away at every nerve, every faculty, every sense, how could he endure it?  How could I portray it?

I began to see that people tend to look away from great suffering; it causes them too much pain to look upon it.  I wanted those looking at this depiction to look at him, even be drawn to him so that they could contemplate that eternally significant moment on the Mount of Olives in a garden named Gethsemane.