I am the Light of the World - 12 inch

Edition of 30

H 6″ x W 4.5″ x D 4″

Price: $2,400

Artist: Angela Johnson

I Am the Light of the World – In 2004 I focused on bringing together the many qualities I would expect to see in depicting the likeness of Jesus’ face. I felt that strength, compassion, nobility, intensity, grace and love were the dominant energies I wanted to bring together. As I started on this daunting task I was completely consumed by how difficult it was to literally create a depiction of the face of the Son of God. With every change I would make with my sculpting tools I would stand back and study His face. Would this face bring peace and comfort to those who looked into His eyes? Would people feel something stirring in their hearts because of this face?  I desired to have the viewer feel, really feel that Jesus was listening to them. I wanted them to feel His love.