Because of Love


Because of Love - monumental - scene Because of Love - monumental close up 2Edition of 20


Price: $120,000

Artist: Angela Johnson

The cross has been a great symbol of Christ for thousands of years.  Through the power of art one can stand close to it, put their hands on it, and look up into Jesus face as he carries it.

They can see the crown of thorns on his head and the veins of his body protrude under the stress of it all.  You can look upon his feet and see his toes grip the ground in the effort to stabilize the weight of the cross.

It seems as though that moment is suspended in time.  We can contemplate for as long as we want.  We can ask ourselves whatever question comes to our mind.

The question that comes to my mind over and over is why.  Why would Jesus suffer so intensely for us?  I was sweetly taught by His spirit when He whispered to me, “Because of Love.”


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April 28, 2014