Good SamaritanEdition of 1 

1.25 Life-size

Price: Call for pricing

Artist: Steve Streadbeck

This beautifully commissioned bronze piece is a 1.25 life-size sculpture.  The Biblical account of the Good Samaritan, as quoted in Luke Chapter 10, records a story of a traveler who is beaten, robbed, and left half dead along the road.  He is passed by a priest and a Levite, before a Samaritan, who was generally despised by the Jews, comes forth to offer aid.  This statue is created with the unique concept that the Good Samaritan, as recorded in the bible, can represent either male or female performing service for another of God’s children, whether male or female.  It is the artist’s hope that all of God’s children can serve each other regardless of our differences.


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May 3, 2013