One Thing is Needful

One Thing is NeedfulEdition of 30

H 25″ x W 28.5″ x D 31″

Price: $25,200

Artist: Angela Johnson

The sacred relationships Jesus had presents such a feast for us.  As he interacted with them thousands of years ago, he teaches us today.  His timeless teachings, as he sat in the home of Mary and Martha teach us about family interactions, expectations, humility and the importance of feasting upon the word of God.

Many times we want our efforts to be noticed and appreciated.  It seems to me that when Martha mentioned to Jesus that Mary was not helping her it could have been for that reason.  The account of the two sisters does not delve into what took place before Jesus came.  What is mentioned in the scriptures is as significant as what is not.

We each get to ponder upon this event and draw our own conclusions; “One thing is needful and Mary hath chosen that better part which shall not be taken from her.”


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April 25, 2014