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Angel of Music

Edition of 19   H 16.5 ” x W 9″ Price: $1,750 Artist: Ben Hammond In this lovely piece, the artist portrays an angel in the act of praising God through music.  The artist, Ben Hammond, was raised by a mother who was a musician.  She raised him with an appreciation of music, teaching him that the arts can inspire and uplift people.  Great music and art can...

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An Angel in Repose

Edition of 19   H 17.5” x W 10 x D 7″ Price: $3,750 Artist: Ben Hammond The official name for this piece is, “An Angel in Repose, Sitting on an Ionic Column After Delivering a Rejected Message.”  The influence of yoga is felt in the creation of this piece, with a reminder that we can find peace in difficult circumstances.  She is saddened after delivering...

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