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Arms of his Love – LS

Edition of 20 Life-size Price: $75,000 Artist: Angela Johnson In the Arms of his Love – From the moment we are born our senses communicate and measure the realities of all that is around us.  What we see, touch, hear, taste and feel create what we say is real.  Some are born not having one or more of these amazing abilities, like someone who cannot...

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Good Samaritan – LS

Edition of 1  1.25 Life-size Price: Call for pricing Artist: Steve Streadbeck This beautifully commissioned bronze piece is a 1.25 life-size sculpture.  The Biblical account of the Good Samaritan, as quoted in Luke Chapter 10, records a story of a traveler who is beaten, robbed, and left half dead along the road.  He is passed by a priest and a Levite,...

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