Job and His Three Friends

Job & His Three Friends-4Edition of 25  

H 11” x W 16″ x D 14″

Price: $5,200

Artist: Ben Hammond

The artist created this as a three-dimensional piece. There is no “front” to the piece, but it can be enjoyed at any angle. The artist is intrigued with the biblical story of Job, who had many misfortunes and trials in his life. Job’s three friends were there to comfort him, while wondering if Job deserved his suffering by some sin he had committed. Job & His Three Friends-3The artist depicted these friends without eyes, suggesting that they were blind to the real sufferings of Job, and did not see his situation with godly or eternal eyes. We are reminded by this piece how we might be a comfort to our friends, without becoming an accuser.Job & His Three Friends-1


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April 24, 2014