Mary-2Edition of 30

H 34″ x W 40″ x D 22″

Price: $12,500

Artist: Angela Johnson

To be remembered for all time and inseparably connected with His glorious resurrection was His appearing to Mary Magdalene.  She was overcome with grief at the death of her beloved Savior and inconsolably distraught with the disappearance of his body that she had come to care for.  What I marvel at is with the ultimate victory over all the opposition of His mortal ministry and now over death itself, the risen Son of God appears to this precious soul calling her by name, “Mary”.

Many times we wonder if God knows we exist.  The daunting question seems to mock us with feelings of our own insignificance.  Surely God is busy with more important things.  This account of the manifestation of Jesus’ tenderness, as He appears to Mary and calls her by name, invites us to embrace the reassurance that He knows our name and longs to comfort, teach and strengthen us.


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April 25, 2014